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German or English? How can I help you?

Brücke Bridging the divide from one language to the other:


I translate for you from English into German and from German into English. Many of the texts I translate deal with business or technical issues, some also feature scientific or legal topics. As a sworn translator, I can provide a certified translation of your documents. The idea is for all of these translations to be at least as good as the original. Quality is key. So what makes a translation a good translation?

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English language training

If your company's English communication is not quite as good as it should be: I provide in-house business English training, tailor-made to meet the individual requirements of the participants. What exactly does that mean? Well, it means that your employees will learn the English they need to communicate successfully in their respective positions. To this end, I develop suitable materials based on the business topics relevant to your company. What this English language training is like?

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