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What you can expect from me

Qualification and motivation

Hansjörg Bittner

You would like to know if I can keep what I promise? On this page, you will find convincing arguments as to why you should make use of my services.

My name is Hansjörg Bittner. My formal qualifications are:

After six intensive years in the UK, I feel as much at home in the English language as I am in my mother tongue German. This is why I translate not only from English into German but also from German into English. My commercial training provides the background knowledge required to successfully conduct business English courses.

Translation and all that goes with it

Language is not just a means to an end but an end in itself. Language should not only be functional but also beautiful; at least, if linguistic beauty does not pose an obstacle to linguistic functionality. In most cases, however, a beautiful language underpins the functionality of a text by enhancing its readability and, thus, its comprehensibility.

Linguistic beauty shows most conspicuously in poetry. Translating poems in such a way that they work as poems also in the target language is, to me, the most interesting and exciting discipline of translation, especially, if rhyme and metre are to be preserved as much as possible. Would you like an example? Here is one.

English language training and all that goes with it

You need a translation or you would like to improve your English? No problem. Just call me at +49 4171 6086525 or send a message to info@businessenglish-hamburg.de.